frozen food

Himgiri Group, a stalwart name in the food processing industry, is one of the leading frozen fruits and vegetable manufacturers in India.  Involved in manufacturing and supplying a variety of frozen fruits and vegetables, they are the pioneers in the food processing industry. With well-equipped massive production and processing facility, modern technology, quality control policy, and quick logistical support they are a key player in the industry who are committed to delivering numerous innovative products in the market. Their team of specialists work together and dedicate themselves to bringing the freshness and tenderness of nature from farms to their customers’ freezers. 

Himgiri Group, with their innumerable years of experience in the industry pledge to serve the best quality products to the customers and consumers in the major cities and states of India, such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and many more. Focussing on expanding its territory, Himgiri Group has already begun its international journey through export by executing an advanced production method that aims to keep the inherent natural quality of the products in place even in a long duration of time. Apart from their experienced presence in the food processing industry, they have also made a mark and quite a name already in the real estate, oil refining, steel spinning, and even in the hospitality industry. 

As mentioned earlier, their very own massive product and processing unit is located in the Tarai Region surrounded by Kumaun Hills in Northern India. Spreading over 50,000 square meters of area, Himgiri Group today offers their clients a long list of Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) vegetables, fruits, fries, jams, sauces, juices, squashes, edible oil, and much more. 

Quality Control of Himgiri Group 

In terms of quality control, Himgiri Group being one of the leading frozen fruits and vegetable manufacturers in India, takes it a step further by inspecting both before and after freezing to be extra sure of the superior quality of product they are sending to the markets. They are known for taking extra care to preserve the quality, natural flavor, colour, and nutrients of the foods they process that are all FSSAI certified. All their products are suitable for instant cooking which are easily accessible in the market, convenient to store, and have a longer shelf life. With a massive monitoring system, and a specialist quality team, they look into the quality of each of their products through all the steps in order to cater to their global customers specifically. 

Among all the players in the industry, Himgiri Group is one name you can trust which focuses on sustained transformation and enhancement of quality delivery. They are guided by their integral belief of offering their customers a truly exceptional customer experience. Their fully equipped laboratories and highly trained staff, all their products undergo stringent quality checks to ensure that their customers are happy and satisfied.