Himgiri Frozen Peas Are Changing The Cooking Trend of the Nation

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Himgiri frozen peas are not only easy to store but are also super easy to use. As one of the leading frozen green peas suppliers, our green peas can be stored for as long as 6-12 months. Although there are myths about the nutritious value of frozen green peas, our product is satisfying, nutritious, and […]

Frozen Veggies Are As Good and Nutritious As Fresh Veggies For Babies

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Making meals for your own baby is always beneficial. It helps economically and also lets you keep a track of the nutrients and its quantity that go to your baby’s stomach. While fresh and unprocessed foods are considered to be most nutritious for feeding babies, let us tell you that it is a myth, and […]

Fresh Or Frozen, Which Is Better? Deconstructing The Never-Ending Debate

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Fruits and vegetables are key to a balanced diet. They give our body all the essential nutrients that it requires to function properly, keeping us naturally healthy and fit. However, fresh produce may not always be available at our disposal, and this has led to a massive explosion and expansion of the frozen food market. […]