Do you know, the one must-have oil in all Indian kitchens? Well, that would be refined vegetable oil. It is a cornerstone of Indian cooking and is being used for generations after generations. 

Refined edible oils such as sunflower and soybean oils are in great demand and they have every reason to be so. Refined oils are locally sourced, processed, and packaged which further justifies their demand and hence aligns more with the local eating and lifestyle habits of Indian families. Moreover, these are way more affordable unlike the other types of imported edible oils. 

Refined edible oils are beneficial for your health, and yes it is true. We are not trying to justify this only because we are one of the leading refined edible oil suppliers in India. Refined cooking oil has been proven to have its own health benefits and here are some of them: 

  1. Our Refined Oil Do Not Have Contaminants 

One of the biggest benefits of refined edible oil, whether sunflower or soybean oil, is that they do not contain contaminants. This is because of the process through which these oils are refined. The process gets rid of various contaminants, such as gums, color pigments, waxes, and toxins that are present in the crude oil right after the initial stage of extraction. As manufacturers and suppliers of refined edible oil, we use a combined method of processing in order to remove both soluble and insoluble contaminants that are harmful for consumption. Himgiri Group has one of the nation’s best oil refining technology which removes not only the contaminants but also prevents any kind of toxin formation which may occur due to processing. 

  1. Our Refined Oil Has A Longer Shelf Life 

Our process of refining oils also comes with the advantage of extended shelf life. Since the contaminants and impurities are removed, refined oils from Himgiri Group retain their original form for a much longer time compared to unrefined or naturally pressed oils. 

  1. Our Refined Oils Are Fortified With Essential Nutrients

We ensure our final product of refined edible oils is rich in added essential nutrients. Our refined oils like the unrefined ones contain nutrients like Vitamin E, omega 3 and 6, and fatty acids, which are naturally present in crude oil. However, we also ensure to add Vitamin A and D which makes our refined oils more healthy and nutritive. 

  1.  Our Refined Oils Have A High Smoke Point 

Oils must possess a high smoke point, especially for Indian cooking as it requires high heat sauteing and deep-frying. Hence, high smoke point is compulsory because if oil is heated beyond this point, it loses its flavor and even nutritional value. Refined oils possessing high smoke points make this favorable and also flexible to be used in the kitchen. 

  1. Our Refined Oils Gives You A Healthy Heart  

As one of the leading refined edible oil suppliers, we can vouch that our oils have large quantities of Linoleic Acid- a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is good for our health on consumption. Refined oils by Himgiri Group are also PUFA regulated which helps to lower our bad cholesterol or LDL and also Total/ HDL Cholesterol ratio and reduces the risk of Coronary Heart Diseases. Since our refined oils are manufactured through a unique process, it expands on heating. And, this allows for more cooking in less oil too. This most definitely keeps food healthier and lighter.